BitTorrent Bleep

BitTorrent Bleep Pre-Alpha 1.0.5324

Safe chat via P2P, by BitTorrent

BitTorrent Bleep is an innovative instant messaging app developed by BitTorrent. View full description


  • Secure chat and real privacy
  • Supports voice calls
  • Simple and clear interface


  • Not compatible with XP/Vista
  • You can’t send offline messages
  • Consumption of resources to be improved

Not bad

BitTorrent Bleep is an innovative instant messaging app developed by BitTorrent.

Say goodbye to centralized servers that store your messages, and hello to secure communication between you and your friends via P2P.

Farewell to servers: communication is direct

Classic chat programs work through centralized servers that collect and sort messages between sender and receiver. In short, there is always a ‘third element’ that stands between you and your conversation partners.

With BitTorrent Bleep, this doesn’t happen: communication with friends is directed through an encrypted P2P connection, with no server in between. As a result, chatting becomes secure and your privacy is guaranteed.

In addition to text chat, BitTorrent Bleep also supports voice calls. What's lacking for now is the ability to send offline messages.

You can add new friends using their email address, telephone number, or with an identifying public key. The app also includes a feature to import contacts from your Google Account.

A minimalist instant messenger

The interface and design are devoted to the essential. Very few, but very clear, elements make this app very easy to use.

BitTorrent Bleep is aimed at those who, in addition to privacy, want an IM client with no complicated (and often useless) options.

Ideal forthose who love privacy

BitTorrent Bleep (formerly known as BitTorrent Chat) is the ideal solution to maintain the confidentiality of your conversations, relying on a direct peer-to-peer channel of communication. The program has some normal operation and stability problems due to its pre-alpha state of development, but it’s already been celebrated for its simplicity and minimalist interface.

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BitTorrent Bleep


BitTorrent Bleep Pre-Alpha 1.0.5324

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